Recycling Process

Boasting an annual treatment capacity of 30,000 tonnes of printed circuit boards, the plant can treat all categories of board, irrespective of their type or original application. It operates in 6 stages:

  • Shredding of input material (printed circuit boards)
  • Separation of ferrous metal and aluminium
  • Sampling coupled with state-of-the-art analysis and methodology enables the composition of treated printed circuit boards to be defined with transparency and rigour
  • Pyrolysis at a temperature of 500°C, eliminating organic materials (resins, plastics), while concentrating the precious metals
  • Purification of gases in six stages, providing emission minimisation and control
  • Analysis of the composition of printed circuit boards via spectrometry at the Terra Nova laboratory

Strong Supplier Relationships

As a dedicated plant, Terra Nova is able to make significant advances in terms of lead times (treatment, payment, sampling), transparency and flexibility (including allowing visits to view sampling procedures).

Continuous Innovation

The Terra Nova research and development team continues to innovate, developing new processes for recovering non-ferrous, rare and precious metals from end-of-life consumer goods in the company’s state-of-the-art laboratory. More than six rare and precious metal recycling projects are currently under development, including liquid crystals, indium and the treatment of special non-ferrous alloys.

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